Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween In Idylwood 2007

My neighborhood, Idylwood,has become a mecca for trick or treaters. The first year I lived here a neighbor cautioned me that I needed to have upwards of 350 treats if I wanted to answer my door. This year I had 400 pieces of candy, and ran out after about 2 hours. With parental permission (I have never been refused) I take pictures of the maskers. The street looks like a block party, with all manner of trucks, vans and suvs stopping at intervals to disgorge packs of children, parents, strollers, wagons, and pets.
The last picture is the wicked witch of Lindy Lane who was handing out candy.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Mull-ette Halloween

The detritus of a the morning after the Halloween Party given by Dr. B.
Rick and I decided we would mask as Dr. B's "true" parents. The premise: Unfortunately, Dr. B has been less than honest about his humble beginnings. His real Maw and Paw Mull-ette showed up, with little sister, Furrleen, in tow to "out" him. The sad and sordid truth this halloween night, Dr. B was born DeWayne Mull-ette from Pea Falls, Arkansas. DeWaynes picture is on my water bottle, on our t-shirts, stapled on my pants pockets and on Rick's koozie.
The proud parents, Mama and Papa Mull-ette (Rick and Sally)
And perhaps the most shameful truth about DeWayne, his knocked up, knocked around, "pierced" and pregnant sister, FurrLean Mull-ette (My sister Leigh)

The "Certificate of Live Birth" and DeWayne's baby picture to verify Mike's true lineageThe Mull-ette family reunion. (Dr. B, Furleen, Mama, Papa and Catherine)
Amy Winehouse fresh from the jointScaryVery Scary
Miss Diagnosed
The Mull-ettes with Ted Nugent who was dressed up like some doctor named Aaron

Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Queenie and Her Sista Get Down

Be patient, this may take a moment to load

Friday, October 12, 2007

PT Appreciation Luncheon

I have come to realize my installations have a few common themes: good friends and fellowship, a job I love, and interwoven in all of!
October is Physical Therapy Month, and to honor our esteemed PTs, the OTs planned an Asian-themed celebration. We arranged a repast of Vietnamese Po'Boys (don't knock 'em til you've tried one, the French occupation of Vietnam had a positive impact on their cuisine)and a trip to an Asian Spa for pampering. I am afraid I don't have many pictures as I was called to duty as one of the massage therapists. We also offered paraffin dip of hands or feet, sparkling cider, and meditative music.
Elderine, Janet, and a former OT student, now an employee Rhanda
Sal and Tiff
Janet in a zen state !

Rick and Amber, his present student from UTMB

OTs Just Wanna Have Fun

This was at a farewell luncheon for Rick's student from TWU, Tory, who finished her 3 month clinical rotation with us. Hard as it is to believe, Rick became even more spoiled, entitled, and bored because Tory was a great student he had very little to do. He was caught several times singing (to the tune of Jimmy Crack Corn) "Chicken Pot Pie, and I Don't Care".
Tory, the guest of honor, Tiffani, Jacier and Elderine

Theo, Janet, Sally and Rick

Jaci and Sal